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Susan S. Barmon grew up in New York and has been telling stories through photographic portraiture most of her adult life.

Ms. Barmon was educated at Syracuse University School of Art and The Portfolio Center in Atlanta, Ga., where she studied photojournalism with Dennis Carlyle Darling. Her career has encompassed retail and editorial art direction and location photography. A move to San Francisco presented her with the opportunity to photograph “The Littlest Cowboys” Jr. Rodeo portrait series, and begin “The Millennium” series. Both have been shown nationwide, and won several major awards. She began her “Drive By Shooting” series in 2006. It is being shown and is ongoing, as is her portrait work. To view any of Ms. Barmon's photographic series please email her from CONTACT PAGE.

In 2005 Ms. Barmon entered the digital world with her botanical scans featured on this site. The images have been shown extensively, are licensed and published, and are in private collections as limited editions.



2005-Present: Botanical Scans, Showing, publishing and licensing. Current licensing list can be viewed on my website above

1991-1992: Photographic Art Director for Upton's Department stores, Atlanta, Ga. Responsible for producing 14-28 page weekly supplement for Sunday newspapers, including translating layouts, coordinating with buyers and photo studio on a weekly basis

1982-1990: Freelance location photographer, graphic design. Client list included Atlanta Magazine, Southern Homes magazine, Condo magazine, Bank South, Piedmont Hospital, Coca Cola.

1981-1982: Editorial Art Director and Photographer for Brown's Guide To Georgia Magazine. Responsibilities included photographing, layout and design for 144 page monthly publication.

1979-1981: Freelance graphic artist, location photography. Client list included Macy's and Rich's department stores, Piedmont Hospital, Bank South, Coca Cola, and local design studios.

1974-1978: Art Director for Miccosukee Tribe of Indians, Miami, Fla. Responsibilities included designing and producing all the bilingual educational materials for the three tribal schools, art needs for the tribe, and keeping a photographic record of tribe and their activities.


2015: The Exposure Award. “The Black and White Collection” book. “The Horton Brothers” from The Littlest Cowboys Portrait series selection of of 151 images juried from over 1200 submissions.

2010: CSA JOURNAL 48, The Society of Certified Senior Advisors. Cover art and in depth article about Susan Barmon Botanicals.

2009: Selected botanical cover art for Salem Or. Yellow Pages. 

2008: Flower Magazine feature article about Susan Barmon Botanicals.

2008: Shepherd Spinal Center Gallery, Atlanta, Ga. "White Roses and Salvia” permanent art collection at center

1995: Merit Award, Artisans Gallery, Mill Valley, Ca. Selected from The Littlest Cowboys Portrait series.

1994: California Discovery Gold Award for Photography, Art in California Magazine; “The Littlest Cowboys” series

1979: Time Magazine "Power of Print" contest.  Winning photograph from The Miccosukee Tribe of Indians. 


2007-2008: "Fabulous Flora" Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, Ga: 

1998: "Time Flies While You're Having Fun."  Salon Finn Barra, Atlanta, Ga. Recent work.

1997: "The Littlest Cowboys", Barnes and Noble, Atlanta, Ga.                       

1995: "The Littlest Cowboys", Barnes and Noble, San Francisco, CA.


2009: "Reflections, Women, Politics and Religion", Winston Salem, NC. Selection from “Drive By Shooting” series

2008: "On The Edge", Atlanta Photography Group. Juried by Alan Avery, of Alan Avery Gallery, Atlanta, Ga. Selection from “Drive By Shooting” series.

2007: Botanicals at The Jennifer Hunt gallery, Birmingham, Al. 

2006: "In Your Dreams", Atlanta Photography juried by Benjamin Krause, Krause Gallery, Atlanta, Ga. Selection from “Drive By Shooting” series

2006: Julian Cox, High Museum, juried for Women In Focus anniversary show. Botanical selection

2006:"Ga. To Tbilisi, Ga., Composition Gallery, Atlanta, Ga. Selection from “The Littlest Cowboys” series

2006: Atlanta Photography Group  "Hot", juried by Laurie Kratchovil of Rolling Stone Magazine. Selection from “Drive By Shooting” series

2005: Mason Murer Gallery, "Women in Focus Show" juried by Lucinda Bunnen. Botanical selection

2003: Jane Jackson juried APG Show "Only in 2003". “The Littlest Cowboys” selection

2000: Jane Jackson juried APG Show "Only in 2000"  “The Littlest Cowboys” selection

1995: "Impressions of the American West" Juried by Art Rogers, Julia James. Winner of Merit Award from Artisans Gallery. Selection from “The Littlest Cowboys” Portrait series.

1995: Duane Michaels juried show "Worth a Thousand Words" Seattle, WA. Selection from “Millennium” series

1994: Society for Contemporary Photography, juried by Marianne Fulton, Eastman House, Rochester, NY. Selection from “The Littlest Cowboys” series

1994: The Griffith Gallery, San Francisco, Ca. “The Littlest Cowboys” Portrait series. 


1963-1967: Syracuse University School of Art. Majored in Advertising Design

1979-1981: The Portfolio Center, Atlanta, Ga. Studied Photojournalism with Dennis Carlyle Darling




Metaverse Corp : WorldwideYellow Roses and Alstromeria. Open edition paper and canvas.

Pixel House SOLUÇÕES EM IMAGEM LTDA-DBA Moldurapop 2016-2018 North America, South America, Europe: Four images Open edition canvas, paper, metal, glass, and wood wall decor (as finished goods).

Posterservice/ Frame 2018-19: Worldwide, open edition paper, canvas wall decor. Six botanical images. 

Kroto, Inc. dba iCanvasARTInc. Worldwide online. 1 image. Renewal of 14 images worldwide.

Trademark Global 2018-2022: Worldwide via web. open edition paper, canvas, metal wall decor. Entire portfolio

Icanvasart 2018-2020: Worldwide renewal. Additional images for open edition canvas wall decor

Artissmo Designs Canada 2018-2022: Worldwide. Open edition wall decor. one image

HS Unlimited Enterprise LLC 2017-2019:  Multiple botanical images for Beach Towels, Cutting Boards, Shower Curtains, Dog Bowls, Mouse Pad, Pet Bed, Pillow Cases, Yoga Mats, Cell Phone Cases, Canvas wall decor and posters, Mugs, Beer Steins, Tot bags, Accessory pouch, stickers, T- Shirts, hoodies, Sweatshirts, hoodie, sweatpants

Metaverse Corporation 2017-2019:  multiple images for Paper, posters, framed prints, canvas and wall peels


Pixel House SOLUÇÕES EM IMAGEM LTDA-DBA Moldurapop 2016-2018: North & South America, & Europe.  Four Botanical images. Open edition canvas, paper, metal, glass, and wood wall decor as finished goods.

World Wide Imports Limited,New Zealand, Australia 2014-2017: Nine images and Dendrobium Orchids  printed on cylindrical tins, to be sold in New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam and China 2016-2019: Worldwide, canvas and paper wall decor

Posterservice/Frames USA 2016-2018: Worldwide Open edition paper and canvas wall Decor

Cafe Press/ Great Big Canvas 2015-2017: Worldwide, paper posters, framed prints, canvas and wall peels. 

World Wide Imports LTD 2015.: Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, China. Six more images to be printed on tins.

Northern Home Accents Corp.2015-2017: Worldwide. Coasters, coffee mugs, serving trays, wooden wall decor.

Metaverse Corp. 2015-2018: Worldwide. Open edition paper and canvas wall decor.

Champton Pty Ltd.2015-2017: Worldwide,open edition paper and canvas wall decor.

Wall Monkeys 2015-2017: Worldwide, decals 2015-2017: Worldwide. Open edition canvas and paper wall decor

iCanvasArt INC. 2015-2017: North America. Open Edition ready to hang. Gallery wrapped leather and fine art paper

Great Big Canvas- Circle Graphics 2015-2017: Paper posters, framed prints, canvas and wall peels.

Streamline Art and Frame 2015 : Four botanical images, Open edition wall decor, North America.

Evergreen Enterprises, Inc.2015: The Littlest Cowboys, "The Horton Brothers” Award winning image for outdoor wall decor wood and canvas, indoor wall decor pillows, canvas carved wood decor. 2014: Worldwide, All images in portfolio for wall art.

Champton Pty. Ltd 2014: Print On Demand, Australia/ New Zealand

icanvasart 2014: Worldwide, Open edition, aluminum metal wall decor

icanvasart: 2012-2014:Worldwide, print on demand canvas 

Wallwa: 2013:Worldwide, Paper Posters and Canvas Prints

Light in the Box Limited 2013: Worldwide, Wall Decor

Pyramid America 2013: North America, Wall Art

Circle graphics,Inc 2012:North America,gallery wrapped print on demand

JCA Needlework Stitchery Kits: Zinnia and Morning Glory

Lindy Bowman Gift bags and Boxes: Peony, Lilies and Coreopsis, Zinnia and Morning Glory Vines

Art Brands, LLC: Heat Applied transfers for T Shirts, sweatshirts, nightshirts, tote bags, mugs, floor mats:Lilies and Coreopsis, Zinnia and Morning Glory Vines

Art Beat America Boxed Cards: Roses and Baby's Breath, Heart and Flower, Red Roses, Dogwood

Fun Mobility Cell Phone Wallpaper: 50 botanical images


"See Me” 2015 The Black and White Collection: Worldwide black and white award winning photographic book. Published “The Horton Brothers” from the Littlest Cowboys” portrait series.

Gaylord Hotel, Nashville, TN: 579 Rooms: Day Lilies

Bed Bath and Beyond, small framed posters, six botanical images

Salem Oregon Yellow Pages Front Cover: Hyacinth

Posters ; Camellias, Dogwood, White Lilies, Orchid '06, Orchid '07, Gardenias, Summer '05, Hydrangea

Shepherd Center, Atlanta,Ga: White Roses and Salvia in the Permanent Art Collection

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